Become a Deliveo® Reseller!

Discover the benefits of becoming an Deliveo Reseller! Deliveo is a courier management software developed since 2012.If You join our resellers, you will be part of a long-term, profitable business. Contact us at the email address below for more details.

What do we give?

  1. An exclusive reseller right for Deliveo Courier System. Inquiries from us in your country will be forwarded to you. We publish on our own site as an exclusive reseller.
  2. 08-18 hours technical (level 2) support for you so you can help your customers (in english / hungarian language).
  3. During the introductory period (kickstart), we will spend € 300 per month on an Adwords campaign for 3 months, where your Deliveo-site will be promoted.

What do we ask for?

  1. Lead generation.
  2. Be prepared and motivated. Have the material and personal conditions required for support. At least 8 hours a day, every working day, (level 1) support your customers in implementation and use Deliveo.
  3. Create a website for this purpose (or a subpage below the existing website) where you sell the Deliveo license.

Do you like our offer?

If you like our offer, write in a few words why you want to be a reseller and why you see potential in selling Deliveo in your country. Resellers of all business sizes are welcome to join us. Please include in your letter the form, name and tax number of your business. We will investigate whether there are any special circumstances that may be an obstacle to our cooperation.

Phone: +36 30 643 1431