Deliveo Website Plugin

The Deliveo Website Plugin is a “mini website” that runs on a sub-page or sub-domain of the Courier Service website (e.g.: The language and colours of the Deliveo Website Plugin can be modified as you wish. 

The Deliveo Website Plugin has two important functions:

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1) Mailing option for customers without a contract (ad-hoc) who do not have access to the Deliveo customer interface.

When you send a shipment, the DWP offers a number of extra options:

  1. Create items within a shipment by setting weight and dimensions
  2. Automatically calculated freight rates are displayed when the shipment is created (can be turned off)
  3. When a shipment is dispatched, the freight charges can be settled immediately by credit card (can be turned off), Paylike and Barion payment options integrated
  4. Volume weight calculation

2) Tracking and logbook for items already dispatched

For live shipments, after entering the shipment ID:

  1. View the full log of the shipment (the freight rate can be hidden)
  2. Download the parcel label
  3. Download the signature page (only for shipments already delivered)
  4. Link to the Tracking page (can be disabled)

You can see a demo of the Deliveo Website Plugin here:

To install, you can download the latest version here:

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