Courier application

The purpose of the courier app is to allow the courier to administer his/her operations with the shipment. It is impossible to imagine an efficient courier service today without couriers having some kind of tool to manage parcel operations. The Deliveo courier application is available for free download for both popular platforms, with the same functionality. For other platforms (Huawei, Windows, etc.) we offer a mobile optimised web application.

What is the Deliveo courier app for?

Pick up a shipment from the sender

Courier can pick up shipments from the sender. Once picked up, they are transferred to the deliverable shipments.

Delivery to the consignee

Courier can deliver shipments to the consignee. Delivered shipments disappear from the courier's phone.

Signature on delivery

When delivering, the courier can ask the recipient for a signature on the smartphone screen to confirm delivery. Consignee can sign for multiple deliveries with one sign.

Show opening hours

The application shows the courier the opening hours (if any) of the sender and recipient addresses for each parcel.

Search by barcode

Shipment recording or delivery via barcode scanning (integrated camera or external BT barcode reader)

Continuous position update

The app periodically sends the system the current geographical position of your location.

Alert when a new task arrives

Sound+vibration+notification on the display for the courier when a new task arrives or an old one has changed. (Only in the installed app!)

Take a photo

A photo taken by the courier (e.g. of a damaged parcel) is uploaded to the dispatch interface for the relevant shipment.

Offline operation

Packet operation can be performed even if the Internet is down and then synchronises in online mode. (Only in the installed application!)

Making a call

The courier can call the sender or the recipient from the app. This way you can concentrate on driving.

Courier Statistics

At any time, the courier can view his/her statistics for the day (addresses delivered, number of items, weight, collected deliveries, facilitate accurate accounting.

Show timer

The courier can see in the application the timing of the operation (parcel pick-up or delivery) by the sender or recipient.

Multi language

The courier can choose any language of the system.

Distance-based filtering

The courier can set the distance (as the crow flies) within which he/she wants to see the addresses of parcels. This way you can filter for nearby addresses.

Route planning

The courier can use their favourite route planner app to plan their route to the next address.

Map overview

The courier can view all his/her tasks (addresses) for the day on a map. This makes it easier to plan your day.

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