Basic security

Reliable IT support is a prerequisite for stable and predictable business operations, including the operation of strategic software systems. Deliveo’s team of professionals works to ensure that Deliveo’s operations are continuous and seamless. To this end:

  1. The servers serving Deliveo courier software are operated in a closed, protected server room with constant cooling and constant monitoring. Continuous operation is ensured by uninterruptible power supplies.
  2. All our connections are made over HTTPS protocol. The firewall excludes all IP addresses from which it detects suspicious intrusion attempts. The server on which the software runs has a multi-circuit protection system.
  3. The server’s security system continuously monitors and classifies malicious intrusion attempts, and from these, identifies the countries from which most malicious intrusion attempts are coming, broken down by country. To maintain stable and secure operations, these countries are restricted from accessing the server. The list of countries excluded from the service is reviewed regularly and will be modified depending on the number of intrusion attempts.
  4. Deliveo delivery system is backed up 2 times a day in case of a technical failure (data loss) that could lead to a data recovery.


SMS from Deliveo is available to the following countries. SMS cannot be sent to any other country codes (to avoid unexpected costs). If you want to send SMS to a country (country code) that is not listed below (EU countries + Switzerland and UK), please contact customer support.

  1. +36 (Hungary)
  2. +32 (Belgium)
  3. +359 (Bulgaria)
  4. +385 (Croatia)
  5. +357 (Cyprus)
  6. +420 (Czech Republic)
  7. +45 (Denmark)
  8. +372 (Estonia)
  9. +358 (Finland)
  10. +33 (France)
  11. +49 (Germany)
  12. +30 (Greece)
  13. +353 (Ireland)
  14. +39 (Italy)
  15. +371 (Latvia)
  16. +423 (Liechtenstein)
  17. +370 (Lithuania)
  18. +352 (Luxembourg)
  19. +356 (Malta)
  20. +31 (Netherlands)
  21. +47 (Norway)
  22. +48 (Poland)
  23. +351 (Portugal)
  24. +40 (Romania)
  25. +421 (Slovakia)
  26. +386 (Slovenia)
  27. +34 (Spain)
  28. +46 (Sweden)
  29. +41 (Switzerland)
  30. +44 (United Kingdom)


From the GDPR perspective, Mav-IT Ltd. is the data processor and the courier service is the data controller. Mav-IT Ltd. does not process personal data (in relation to Deliveo) because all its customers are legal entities. Logs are kept only for the time strictly necessary and parcel data for 8 years.

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