• Deliveo courier system



What is the Deliveo Delivery Software?

Deliveo is a system developed for courier and CEP services (drivers, motorcyclist, bicyclists etc.). Deliveo is designed to greatly improve the organization of daily activities and customer service. The Deliveo system consists of three capital units.

Dispatcher interface

The Administration unit, from where the dispatcher administers all parts of the system such as handing out tasks to couriers, registering customers, and providing prices and invoice. This is the main module, may work independently.

Client interface

The Client interface, where customers of the courier service can send packages and track the process of the delivery online. Invoices and package labels can be downloaded here. Use Deliveo delivery software - your customers will love it!

Courier application

An android application is also available, where the couriers can register the receipt and delivery of packages, and where the addressee can sign for their package on the courier’s phone screen. The position of the couriers can be tracked, and, by using the camera of the phone as a barcode reader, packages can be easily received and delivered.


24.90 €+VAT /month (optional)

Responsive surface Packages tracking on map Addresses can be saved for the easier using Packages labels can be downloaded Sending packages with CSV import


9.90 €+VAT /month /courier (optional)

Android app + Web-based interface Courier alarm for new orders Voucher printing with a Bluetooth mobile printer Signing on the screen of the smartphone Barcode reading with the built-in camera


19.90 €+VAT /month (optional)

Possibility of API connection Contact the most popular web stores Connection to ERP systems Using the Deliveo WebSite Plugin

Functions of Deliveo delivery software

We continuously develop our product based on the feedback we receive, so that you can benefit from a constantly evolving courier software!

  • Forecasting new, yet not delivered orders. In process courier orders are modifiable, terminable, and cancellable.
  • Document can be uploaded with orders. (e.g. pictures, pdf).
  • New orders can be made in two may: the couriers work with google maps (their package and addresses are visible), or by ordering the address and addressees in a table.
  • The precise handling of returned packages. Reasons for return can be given and couriers can mark attempted deliveries.
  • Direct delivery and package pick-up can be arranged with the dispatcher.
  • Handling several delivery fees. Delivery fees allocated to different zip codes.
  • Running the numbers for couriers with regard to delivery and service fees as well as documentation.
  • Mass package transport between couriers and package places (bar code reading).
  • Possibility to export into other programs from Delivery courier software.
  • Handling different transport types (One-Way, Retour transport).
  • Batch package uptake and packet submission.
  • To the packets unique identifier can be given.
  • Batch packages sending from Client Interface via uploading a CSV file
  • Sending SMS to the administrator in case of a new order arriving.
  • Choice to send E-mail and SMS notification to the addressee on the delivery day. Clicking on the link in the SMS sent, will display real time tracking of the package.
  • Timing of uptake and submission of the packages.
  • In case of an active account billing module integrated multilingual invoicing is available.
  • Handling optional parameters if a unique package parameter is required.
  • Sending an SMS to the courier directly from the Deliveo Courier Software.
  • Multilingual full system.
  • Precise tracking of pay-on delivery returns- no more forgotten or duplicates delivery returns.
  • Signing on a smart phone screen for delivery.
  • Sound signal for courier for new tasks.
  • Constant display of courier location.
  • Offline package options.
  • Package delivery or receipt by reading bar code.
  • Client Interface can be used through the clients own sub-domain.
  • Highly developed API system can be used to communicate with other programs for individually developing the courier service.
  • Unlimited free email and phone support for Deliveo delivery system.


The trial period lasts for 14 days, without any obligation. You receive two letters, one with the notification that we received your request, and another one with your access datas. During the 14 day trial period, our colleagues will contact you to help with any issues you may have in learning the program. We will never give your information to a third party.