Client interface

The Deliveo Courier System Customer Interface is a separate web access point for courier customers. The Customer Interface provides access to an unlimited number of customers, even simultaneously. Its responsive interface is designed to remain usable not only on a laptop or desktop workstation, but also on tablets and even smartphones. Client access is not mandatory for all clients, you can grant access on a client-by-client basis. In the Customer Interface, customers can perform the following operations, without the need for completeness:


  • Create new packages
  • Edit their own addresses (favourites)
  • Track the status and (in case of live parcels) the geographic location of parcels already sent
  • Print a summary list of sent and unsent parcels
  • Download signature page (only for already delivered parcels)
  • Download parcel label (with format selection)
  • Bulk parcel dispatch XLSX / CSV file import function
  • Manage your own stock (if the stocker function is enabled)
  • View bulletin board
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