On-site training means personal on-site assistance at the customer’s premises for a period of time determined by the customer, during which our colleague who is familiar with the software will assist you in implementing the new system. The implementation of a new system always requires close cooperation and flexibility, as complex systems are characterised by the fact that after implementation, the user has to rethink and often modify the processes already in place. On-site training can be one or more days.

Themes of education

  • In a group training session, our colleague will explain the basic operation and logic of the Deliveo Delivery Management software to the staff members who will be using it.
  • The management will assign a so-called key user. This person should be chosen carefully, as he or she will be the key user who will have the best understanding of the Software by the end of the process and will be able to help other colleagues if any questions arise. The key user will be able to diagnose and solve most (perceived or real) bugs (or report them to us in a professional manner in case of a bug). The same colleague will train new users who arrive later on how to use the Software.
  • Together with the key user, our colleague will carry out a detailed situation and needs assessment, and after a short conceptual design, the exact methodology for using the Software will be defined through a “prototype process” modelling. Our involvement in the process is of course advisory, the actual use is decided by the key user, who sets up and uses the Software on his/her own, following the instructions of our colleague.
  • The key user should have the authority to make minor changes to processes within your organisation. This is important because all processes need to be adapted to some extent when implementing a business management system in a company.
  • At the end of the implementation phase, the key user and our colleague will operate the system together and make any necessary fine-tuning. They will prepare and possibly even perform minor data migration operations.
  • The key user’s competence during the day is assessed by our staff by means of questions in the form of a “home exam”. Live operational support is also provided through the key user.

What do you need to provide?

  • Suitably sized premises and electricity network
  • A white wall (or projection screen) on which to project. Perhaps – for a small group – a larger TV is also suitable.
  • WiFi if possible. If not, we can do that too.

What are we bringing?

  • First of all, ourselves. 🙂
  • We bring a projector, laptop, smartphone for the courier simulation
  • After the training everyone will get a certificate
  • We can bring extra laptops if needed
  • …some more smart and useful gadgets

Would you rather come to us?

That can be done. In this case, we will rent a (pre-arranged) venue suitable for the training. Our fees (travel and hourly rate) remain the same, only the rental of the venue will increase the cost. If necessary, we can also arrange catering for lunch.

Remuneration for the service

  • The implementation consultancy (training) costs HUF 20€,- + VAT/hour.
  • For locations further than 200 km, a case-by-case agreement may be required, which includes the cost of accommodation (or accommodation provided by the client).
  • For training abroad, an individual offer will be made. We recommend the assistance of an interpreter for the duration of the training.
  • Fees are independent of the number of participants
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