Become our Deliveo reseller in the UK and Ireland!

Why should you become a Deliveo reseller?

Deliveo Delivery Management Software is an efficient and popular courier service developed since 2012 and registered as a European trademark since 2021 (018404142). Webshop traffic has been growing at double-digit rates in recent years, which has boosted the parcel delivery market. The growth in the number of parcel delivery services and their increasing solvency provide a long-term and predictable financial basis for the marketability of the Deliveo courier service system tailored to them. The number of people leaving the software is low, once introduced, they find it difficult to leave. The ongoing commission creates a long-term stable income for your business.

What do we offer?

  1. You get exclusive resale rights for your country. Inquiries from your country will be forwarded to you. We will not sell a license to your country.
  2. As an exclusive reseller, we will publish your details on our site. You get the right to use the, domain.
  3. 8-18 hours per working day technical support (level 2) for you to help your customers (English/English).
  4. During the introductory period (kickstart), we will spend €300 per month for 3 months on a campaign of your choice (Facebook / Google Ads) promoting your Deliveo site.
  5. We will offer you an ongoing monthly commission on the licenses sold. You are entitled to the commission as long as your customer pays.

What do we ask in return?

  1. Acquisition of new customers. Constantly seek new customers, don’t be passive. We expect 3 new customers a year.
  2. Be prepared and motivated. Have the necessary material and human resources (computer, telephone, internet, intermediate IT skills) to support the business. Have a business for invoicing.
  3. Support your customers in the implementation and use of Deliveo at least 8 hours a day (level 1 support) every working day.
  4. Help us with accurate translations for the website, the Deliveo system and the Deliveo knowledge base.

How can you earn money with Deliveo?

In addition to ongoing sales commission, there are other ways you can earn money with Deliveo.

  1. You earn commission on SMS charges, and on develpoments ordered by the customer.
  2. You can sell on-site or remote training, implementation consulting. 100% of the revenue generated is yours.
  3. You can undertake the creation of add-ons (plug-ins, add-ons, etc.) if you have software development capacity. The revenue generated is 100% yours.
  4. Sell or rent mobile devices used by couriers (smartphones, mobile printers)

What do you need to do to become a Deliveo reseller?

If you like our offer, tell us in a few words why you would like to become a reseller and what potential you see in selling Deliveo in your country. We welcome resellers of all business sizes. Please include your business form, name and tax number in your letter. We will check whether there are any special circumstances that would prevent us from working together.

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