Social engagement

Mav-IT Ltd (the developer of Deliveo courier management software) strives to make a valuable and visible contribution to society, given its modest economic weight.

As part of this, through its activities and offerings below, in addition to business objectives and profit, Mav-IT Ltd. takes into account the interests of the wider society by considering the latent needs of its personal suppliers, its impact on the wider residential environment, and by acknowledging the work of those who are doing activities that are beneficial to society. Through the following activities, Mav-IT Ltd. attempts to take action within its modest margins, using its situational capabilities, to improve the quality of life of the society around us.


Mav-IT Ltd. offers a 50% discount on the current license fee of Deliveo for non-profit organizations and foundations. Please provide proof of eligibility with a certificate of incorporation, articles of association or a copy of a court order (if these official documents are available on the organisation’s website, please provide the link.)

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