Terms of Service

Terms of use for Deliveo

1. Framework. Mav-IT Ltd. (Budapest, Hungary) sells its software products under a SaaS licence (Software-as-a-Service). As a result, Deliveo cannot be purchased on a one-off fee.

2. Environment. This is necessary for technical reasons: the continuous updating and setting up of the running environment would take considerable extra time. The software can be accessed from an unlimited number of workstations at the same time.

3. Legal basis for use. This right of use does not include any development obligations, only bug fixes, support and the provision of a running environment for the product (so-called hosting), i.e. the Licensee may use the software as it is. The Service Provider is under no obligation to make improvements/developments on Deliveo. If the Licensee has a need for any further development (modification of an existing function or incorporation of a new function), the Mav-IT Ltd. may, at its discretion and according to its free capacity, provide a quotation. Mav-IT Ltd. will only make an offer for the development of the requested new feature/feature modification if it considers that it is consistent with the profile of the Software and does not cause any difficulty of use or inferior user experience for other users of the Software.

4. Technical requirements. The Licensee is responsible for the cost and provision of the Internet subscription. Stability is not guaranteed with Internet Explorer and other Microsoft browsers. The fee is fixed during the period of use and is therefore independent of the intensity of use of the Software. 

5. Forwarded services. Software products include(s) the possibility to send SMS. The hardware and telephone number required to send SMS messages are provided by our company, but the cost of sending any SMS messages will be charged in addition to the applicable license fee and will appear as a separate line item on the next invoice. The SMS sending function is purchased by Mav-IT Ltd. from a third party.

6. Reservation of the right to evolve. Mav-IT Ltd. reserves the right to independently modify the software according to the technical needs of the market, but of course the basic functions are not discontinued. It is possible that new functions may appear without prior notice or that existing functions may continue to be used in other ways. The introduction of new features does not entail any increase in fees.

7. Support. The support phone number is +36 20 451 7460 (on working days), for information about email and Skype channels please call. Requests for support are only for the purpose of better understanding the functionality of the features, the support colleague is not authorised to make changes to the Software.

8. Availability: 99.5% / year. The remaining 0.5% (approximately 44 hours of 8760) is used for regular preventive maintenance, necessary technical breaks (of course on weekends or holidays) and the rest is used for repairing possible failures (obviously not planned).

9. Data security. all data stored in the Software is backed up every working day, once a day at midnight. 5 backups are kept continuously, no older data can be restored. In the event of a security incident, you can request a restore of any data that may have been deleted or overwritten. Depending on our technical capabilities, this request will usually be fulfilled on the same day. There is no charge for data recovery (if it is not our fault).

10. Data management. In the event of a criminal offence or other illegal activity, we are obliged to provide the authorities with information. Mav-IT Kft. is a data processor in this service pursuant to GDPR, and the Licensor is a data controller pursuant to Section 9 of the same section.

11. Exclusion of Liability. As in all other cases, even if the Software has not been tested thoroughly, there may be errors, even if they are not proven to be valid. However, since the occurrence of errors cannot be 100% excluded, the Service Provider shall not be liable in any way for any loss of data, damage, additional work, additional errors caused indirectly, material, moral or other loss, directly or indirectly, resulting from the improper use of the Software and/or from undetected errors in the Software.

12. Branding. The visual interface of the Software contains a logo or brand name referring to our company or Deliveo. These may not be removed. This is for technical and commercial reasons. In order to keep the licence fee low, we calculate the advertising value of the brand in the Software. Their appearance is not intrusive.Delive

Additional development of Deliveo
is carried out under the following conditions:

1. A 10% difference in time (and price) is possible for each task. The time spent is multiplied by the published standard hourly rate to get the total cost of the development. There are no other costs beyond the hourly rate.

2. If you already have a contract during the development period, you will be charged for the development on the next invoice after it is completed. If there is no license agreement (yet), a 50% deposit is required to start the work.

3. The new/modified features can be used for free by all Deliveo users. It is not possible that ONLY the customer (you) can use the additional features. (In return, you can use the enhancements funded by another customer.)

4. The development package includes all the features we have described, but nothing that we have not explicitly described.

5. Features may be toggled on and off depending on our choice. We have to keep in mind the other users of Deliveo, so using the software should not be more difficult, complicated, or different from the original purpose of the product. The way of implementation may differ from the one described here due to technical reasons that may arise during development, but the functionality remains the same.

6. The way in which improvements are made may differ slightly from the way described here for technical reasons that may arise during development, but the functionality remains as described.

7. All new features and modifications are carefully tested before being published. Despite the most thorough testing, there may still be bugs in the software that do not become apparent until they are production used. Therefore, all new features should be treated as “beta” or “early release” for 1 month after publication. At this time, a feature may not work as expected. We will of course fix the bug as soon as possible.

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