pluginsAccessories are small pieces of software that add some extra functionality to Deliveo. In Deliveo, it is possible to run such add-ons in a built-in framework, i.e. the way they are used by the user is the same as the native Deliveo functionality. The add-ons can be both free and paid. It is possible that not all of the add-ons are translated into your language, in which case please contact our support team or the developer of the add-on. Free add-ons are usually available for use immediately after installation. For paid add-ons, the developer determines the payment method.

For Deliveo, you have the possibility to create your own add-on that only you use. (For the technical requirements of a custom add-on, please consult the knowledge base: With a custom add-on, you can implement specific features that only you use and that are specific to your business. These add-ons run on your hosting, but can be used on Deliveo’s dispatcher or client interface for Deliveo users.

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