Mav-IT Ltd. provides free support for its software products in Hungarian and English on working days between 8.00 and 18.00 hours through the following channels. The user manual for the Deliveo system is available here: (The Jira customer portal can be found here.) A well-written error ticket can greatly speed up the problem detection, even reducing the lead time to a fraction. Please take our suggestions into account when drafting your error tickets! Requests for support should only be made to better understand the functionality, the support colleague is not authorised to make changes or other administration in the Software. If you are not using the Deliveo courier system in Hungary, first level support in your country will be provided by our contracted reseller partner (including the publication of the user manual).

Under normal circumstances. We operate a ticket system, not a single e-mail is forgotten!


An alternative for our more advanced customers. We also support you with text, voice and screen sharing.

+36 20 451 7460

In an emergency. No voice menu or on hold.