Delivery Management Software

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Work Deliveo® delivery management software instead of your collegaues!

Complete delivery management software for courier and parcel services, home delivery or freight forwarding companies.

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Instead of using additional dispatchers: use Deliveo Courier Management Software!

Dispatching is a place to see the whole process in a sensible, logical representation. A well tuned Deliveo delivery system will save you at least one person's work!

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Deliveo Client Interface

Reduce your customer service workload by up to a quarter

Enable your customers to track their parcels, add new parcels, print labels and manage their own warehouse - all in one place!

Deliveo Courier access

Is courier time expensive? Give them the Deliveo courier app!

They can use the app or web access to pick up and deliver parcels, take photos and sign for delivery. Dispatchers can see the load and location of couriers in real time.

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Your delivery software will work for you and not the other way around!

Connect efficiently to online stores, other courier systems or develop a custom add-on for your needs. For ad-hoc parcel dispatches, use the free DWP module!

Who is the Courier, Parcel Delivery Software recommended for?​

There are two main uses for Deliveo. Courier services deliver goods for their partners, while commercial and manufacturing companies can use it to coordinate the delivery of their own products.

For courier and parcel services

  • In Deliveo, customers can track the status and geographic location of their dispatched parcels via a web interface
  • At any time, you can subdeliver your parcel to other courier services
  • Automatically prices service charges
  • Automatically assigns incoming courier orders to couriers
  • Handles deliveries in up to several currencies
  • You can send parcels directly to Deliveo from a number of online stores
  • Dispatchers can always see where the couriers are on a map
  • The system supports the fullfillment service with its own “mini-warehouse
  • Sending SMS / E-mail to both the recipient and the sender

For companies making home deliveries, goods distribution

  • Track the position of the cars and their remaining tasks on a map
  • You can plan your tours several days or weeks in advance
  • Supports luggage spaces within the warehouse and makes it easy to move luggage (even with a barcode scanner) between luggage spaces
  • Supports time-coded deliveries (the driver can also see the opening hours of the recipients on the app!)
  • Route optimisation helps you get your cargo to its destination in the shortest and fastest way
  • Shipments can be forwarded to the PalletWays system and from there a transport task can be sent to Deliveo

Delivery Management Software Prices​

Our prices include unlimited functionality. This means that there are no package numbers, addresses or other restrictions.

Dispatcher interface
  • /Month
  • Essential
  • Unlimited number of users
Client interface
  • /Month
  • Optional
  • No account number limit
Courier access
  • /Month /Courier
  • Optional
  • Discount for advertising!
  • /Month
  • Optional
  • No traffic limit
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I try the delivery management system before I jump in?

Of course. If you would like to try it out, you will be given a 14-day no obligation trial.

Can I get training fore delivery management software?

Yes. Remote or on-site training is available on request (for a fee).

Is there support for delivery system?

Sure. We offer for our delivery system free support every working day from 8:00-18:00 via email, Skype, and phone.Sure

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Is there a courier app for Android and iPhone?

For now, there is only an app for Android, but there is an advanced mobile-optimised web interface that runs great on iPhone and other non-Android devices.

Is there a limit on the number of users?

Not on the couerier software dispatcher and customer interface. The courier application is licensed by the number of couriers.

What is the start-up cost?

There is no start-up cost. There is only a monthly license fee, nothing else.


... but what do courier companies who already use it say?

We know that Deliveo Courier Management is a unique system. But are we the only ones who think so?

“Deliveo courier software is an easy-to-use, great program that makes our work much easier, eliminating the need for paper-based administration.”
City Express
Pintér Zoltán
"What we like about it is that it connects our sales, transport and driver colleagues in one interface. Paperwork has been eliminated, everything is done digitally."
"The relationship with the developer makes collaboration flexible and the price is for delivery system affordable."
"It is always up to date, its operations are constantly supported and it can accommodate our individual needs. And in terms of value for money, I think it is unbeatable."
"Our couriers particularly like the Deliveo mobile app. With a mobile app, we always know where our courier is without using external GPS."
"Using Deliveo delivery management software saves me one person's work, which is no small expense these days."