The Deliveo Tracking page is a very popular feature of the Deliveo system. This page allows anyone with a Deliveo Tracking URL to track the location of a live shipment in real time. The Deliveo system can also send this … Read More

Client interface

The Deliveo Courier System Customer Interface is a separate web access point for courier customers. The Customer Interface provides access to an unlimited number of customers, even simultaneously. Its responsive interface is designed to remain usable not only on a … Read More

Courier application

The purpose of the courier app is to allow the courier to administer his/her operations with the shipment. It is impossible to imagine an efficient courier service today without couriers having some kind of tool to manage parcel operations. The … Read More

Dispatcher interface

Deliveo’s dispatch interface is designed for the staff who operationally manage the courier service. From the dispatch interface, all Deliveo functions can be viewed, managed and configured. The level of access can be set per menu item and per user. … Read More